Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Inside Out

Recently I heard a song on the radio called Inside Out by Eve 6.

The first part of the chorus stuck in my head:

I would swallow my pride, I would choke on the rhinds
But the lack thereof would leave me empty inside

Even though this is not a Christian song I couldn't help but think of the spiritual implications of these words. I had two thoughts.

1. We can be so full of pride that there is room for nothing else inside us.

2. If we can somehow "eat" away at our pride then we can make ourselves empty and that emptiness can be filled up with God.

It's so awesome how God can speak to you through different avenues.


Josh said...

Great post. I am so anti - It has to be Christian to be able to minister to you.

Because God uses everything around us.

Thanks for reminding us of the damage pride can do for our lives.

Johan Jordaan said...

Great truths

Josh said...

Hey Keith, I hope you're having a good day (and staying dry). Take care!