Monday, January 22, 2007

Big Bill Says Bye Bye

Well, the waiting is over. Bill Parcells has made his decision and it's the one I was hoping for. He is NOT coming back as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

I say "Good Riddance!" This is a coach that was 2-3 at the end of each season in his 4 years as the Cowboys coach. This is a coach that was 0-2 in the playoffs as the Cowboys coach. This is a coach that could never win the big games here, especially this year when he let the Saints and the Eagles beat him and blew a golden opportunity to win the division. This is a coach that lost a plyoff game this year to the Seahawks because he was too stubborn to change his plodding offensive ways and throw it down the field against a weak Seattle secondary. This is a coach who messed up at the game's most important position, quarterback. And this is a coach who would never even mention T.O.'s name, calling him "the player" instead.

I thought when Parcells signed on with the Cowboys that we were getting a coach that was a winner, knew how to win, and knew how to build a champion. Instead we got mediocrity, bad draft picks, bad free agent signings, and a bad feeling in my stomach thinking about the waste of time these last 4 years have been.

Good bye, Bill. I'm glad you're gone.


Jennifer Meachem said...

i think any good coach would be a good coach if he just had what it takes to stand up to the obnoxious owner.
the owner of the team just needs to let the coach be the coach...

or coach it his own dang self.

i am glad bill is leaving. but i am REALLY hoping that the next one will stand up to what's his face.

Danny Sims said...

I also am glad Big Bill is outta here.

34-32? Enough said.

Danny Sims said...

Also... I tagged you today.

RICH said...

Up here in New England we were not so sad to see him go either. We wone 3 super bowls as you know after he left.

ftwskies said...

I guess it's the price you pay for losing to the Lions!

Sunday, December 31, 2006... A date that shall live in infamy! (Or at least until next season, amd maybe longer if we don't start off well...)

-- Jim <><