Saturday, January 06, 2007


I just finished watching the wildest, weirdest Cowboys playoff game in my life.

Seeing Romo bobble the hold on the potential game winning field goal was UNBELIEVABLE. So many emotions went through my head then and are still swirling around even now. What's ironic is right before they snapped the ball for the field goal try I said to myself "Watch him miss it". (Talking about the kicker, of course.) It never even entered my mind that there would be a problem with the hold. I mean Romo has been holding on kicks for a long time and this may have been his first mess up. Talk about bad timing.

And to think that it was Romo who messed it up there at the end - the same Romo who played so well earlier in the year, who brought life back to this team, not to mention Romomania and Romomentum to the DFW area, and brought the team down the field to get in position to make a game winning kick. I felt so sick for him. You know that had to be killing him.

I've been a fan of his even before he became the starter. I wanted him to play more back when Vinny T was here. Back then I liked what I saw from him in the preseason and just had a feeling even then that he was going to be a good QB.

I still think he's got a great future as the Cowboys quarterback. He's young so he has a lot of upside. He's also going to have times when he plays bad and makes mistakes-like he did in December and tonight. But I think that his potential and talent far outweigh any negatives. He'll be back in the playoffs again. I'm sure of it.

It's just so weird for Romo's Cinderella season to end like that.

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mearbear said...

Daddy! GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soon!!!Love ya!!