Thursday, August 03, 2006

Why They Won't: Offensive Line is Offensive

Periodically I will be analyzing the potential for the Dallas Cowboys to win the Super Bowl this season. I will be looking at it in two ways:

Why They Won’t win the Super Bowl and Why They Will win the Super Bowl

Today I start with Why They Won’t win the Super Bowl.

The weakest part of the Cowboys team is their offensive line. If this unit performs as abysmally as they did last season, then even with T.O. the offense will sputter since the QB will be lying on his back most of the time. The Cowboys knew they needed to fix this part of the team in the off-season, but I am concerned that they did not.

At left tackle, they are counting on Adams, who is coming off knee surgery, to be his Pro Bowl self again(which he really only did for one year). What if he does not? They replaced a Pro Bowl guard with a reject from the Lions. Just ask my buddy Jim how bad the Lions offensive line was last year. They can’t decide which guy to start at center, which means neither of the two guys are that great or else one of them would be the obvious candidate to start. The other guard is a pretty solid veteran, but he had a sub-par season last year. Will he do likewise this year? And then there’s right tackle. Any Cowboys fan knows the woes that the ‘Boys had at that position last season. And guess what? They are actually considering letting Petitti start again. And why, you say? Because Fabini, the guy they got in free agency, has been a big disappointment. And the other guy, Columbo, hasn’t played in like 2 ½ years.

Because the Cowboys offensive line is such a mess, that is one reason Why They Won’t win the Super Bowl.


ftwskies said...

Yeah, one of many.

Keep in mind that without effective run blocking, Julius ain't goin' nowhere, and will likely be terminally nicked by week 4. Your schedule is full of teams that are tough up front.

Without a run game, T.O will be triple-teamed. D's will drop MLBs into coverage and you'll have five guys in the secondary to contend with.

I hate to say this, but Brunell's not finished yet, and this year he's got Moss, Randle El, and Cooley to throw to when he's not handing off to Clinton Portis.

There's always wildcard, if we don't get there first.

--Jim <><

Johan Jordaan said...

Found your link in Danni's comments page. Congradulations on the 1000 miles mark. Keep it going.

Keith Hollar said...

Johan, thanks for the encouragement.