Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Why They Will: Secondary

One of the strengths of this years Cowboys team is their secondary. Terrance Newman is one of the best, most underrated cornerbacks in the league. He is practically a shut-down corner who should have gone to the Pro Bowl last year. He did not have big numbers in interceptions last year, so that’s what probably kept him out of the Pro Bowl. But as Bill Parcells said “Did he give up any touchdowns?” No, he did not. Case closed.

Anthony Henry, the other corner, is also a top-notch player. He made some great plays last year before he got hurt, and he looks like he is completely over his injury and is playing at top form right now.

The nickel/slot corner, Aaron Glen, could be a starter on most teams and is a big time play maker. When he’s in the game, he just makes things happen. Bad things for the other team’s offense, that is.

Of course no discussion of the Cowboys secondary would be complete without mentioning safety Roy Williams. This hard hitting Pro Bowl safety is the heart and soul of the Dallas defense and I feel that Roy is going to have a big year. Yes, he sometimes gets burned deep, but the plan this year is to let Roy play closer to the line of scrimmage so that he can wreck havoc like he was created to.

Now, the ‘Boys do have a question mark at free safety, but Keith Davis returns and rookie Pat Watkins is turning some heads in training camp. They also got Marcus Coleman in free agency, so this position should be stronger in 2006.

Since the Cowboys have arguably one of the best secondarys in the NFL, that is Why They Will win the Super Bowl.

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ftwskies said...

Ooooh... visions of Roy Williams giving up that TD to Washington on MNF... same stuff, different year...

--Jim <><