Monday, August 28, 2006

Defeated by the Daughter

I've just finished limping to the computer with my tail between my legs. I've been humbled by experiencing something that's never happened to me before: my daughter, Meredith, has beaten me at checkers. And not once, but twice.

And this was not her barely winning, she whipped me good. She ended each game with about 6-7 kings left in each game. And in the second game, when I had a wall of kings ready to wipe her out, she executes an impressive triple jump right through my forces, effectively sucking the life out of any chance I had of maybe surviving this night with my dignity intact.

(Just in case anyone is wondering: No, I did not let her win. I played straight up, out to win.)

I was not ready for this. The last time I played her(many, many months ago) I was able to beat her fairly easy. I had no idea that she had gotten this good at checkers that fast. It's just another life lesson for me that my little girl is growing up.

Way to go, MearBear. Good job!

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ftwskies said...

"Hey fellas -- Cyclone got whupped by a gurl!"


Man, they get smart fast, eh? Jake beat me at Madden the other day. It was Chargers/Seahawks and he took LT to the house THREE TIMES on me. Ugh.

--Jim <><