Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hotter 'N Hell Hundred

Yesterday Michael Lea and I competed in the Holy Grail of cycling rides, that torture session known as the Hotter 'N Hell Hundred. We joined 11,800 of our closest friends in Wichita Falls, TX for the biggest one-day cycling event in the nation.

The ride certainly lived up to its name as the temperature reached 104 degrees with a heat index of 107 degrees along with 28 mph winds gusting up to 35 mph. These conditions, along with some very rough chip seal roads, limted me to only 75 miles, which is now my new personal best ever distance cycling. My on the bike average speed was 15.6 mph.

I've now reached 1,303 total miles this year.


ftwskies said...

Congrats on the ride.

Btw, the new look is coming along. Are you done experimenting or are further tweaks planned?

-- Jim <><

Keith Hollar said...


I think I might keep it looking like this for awhile but if you have any suggestions feel free to shoot them to me in an e-mail.

mdlea_eng said...

Dude, I had a ball at the HHH. The whole event was enjoyable. Well, maybe not the last 30 miles or so. Anyway, I look forward to the next ride. If I can't make the Cowtown, how about the Paluxy Pedal? We'll kill "The Wall."