Thursday, July 28, 2005

Training Camp

Those magical words that bring joy to a young man's heart. (And us middle aged guys too.) The end of the dryest desert part of the year: off-season. The beginning of a new NFL season. The time of renewed optimisim. The failures of the prior season are all forgotten. The hope of what the new season will bring is hanging in the air.

My beloved Cowboys start training camp tomorrow. They begin their quest to reach Super Bowl XL. (For those of you that are Roman numerical challenged that's 40, NOT extra large!) The offseason has been good to the 'Boys. Many new players have come their way. Good players. Talented players. Others have departed. (Vinny's gone, but not soon enough.) But yet, questions remain. How will the 3-4 defense work out? Will Bledsoe be a winner? Can Julius do it for a full season? Has Jerry Jones lost any more weight?

I've only got one thing left to say: Are you ready for some football?


Bar Bar A said...

I try, but I just don't understand.

Danny Sims said...

YES! Julius is the man. The rookie defenders are going to be great. Drew Bledsoe will mystically play like when he won the Superbowl. Ooops.

But I do think they will be good and make the playoffs. Their defense will get after people. Youth & speed.

ftwskies said...

Oh yeah, baby! Bring on the 'Boys, and my Motor City Kitties, too! (Will the REAL Jones please stand up!? -- I think it's Kevin, not Julie, but hey, that's just me.) And GO KAISERN!!!

One thing to keep in mind about the 3-4; sometimes it's really sort of a stealth 4-3. You just don't know who's going to come up. According to Dr. Z over at

"Bill Belichick always has maintained that what people perceive as a pure 3-4 is often a 4-3, depending on whether Willie McGinest is playing up or down. Same thing with the Giants defense he coached. The 3-4 was really a 4-3 most of the time because Lawrence Taylor usually was in a rush position. Well, Belichick's defense, whether a 3-4 or a 4-3, is in vogue now, so people are trying to copy it. But what they can't copy is the versatility of the athletes that Belichick and Patriots personnel director Scott Pioli keep finding, the ability to plug them into so many spots. That's the secret, not how they line up."

ftwskies said...

More on the REAL Jones... ;-)

Keith Hollar said...

Danny, I'm with you on Julius. I believe he is the real deal. I have my doubts about Bledsoe, however.

You hit one of the nails on the head, Jim. How well will Demarcus Ware do moving from a down lineman to a stand-up linebacker ala Lawrence Taylor and will he be able to rush the passer from that new position as well as he did in college?

Well Woman, thanks for trying. Many women try and understand a man's passion for football and many end up shaking their heads in confusion.

Keith Hollar said...

This year will determine who's the better RB: JJ or KJ. Even if it turns out that KJ is better, I'll take Julius and the extra first round pick the 'Boys got this year.