Thursday, July 07, 2005

July 7 Sno Cone Club Meeting

Goooo Cone Heads!


Self portrait-Sno Cone style

The kids of Sno Cone Club

The Official Sno Cone Club Mascot-Mister Baggins


Bar Bar A said...

Looking at these photos made me happy, thanks for sharing them. you have a photo of you dressed as Elvis?

Bar Bar A said...

P.S. Your wife is beautiful and she reminds me of a good friend I have that is from Texas. Nice folk in that state :)

Keith Hollar said...

Thanks for the comments. If you look in my June archives towards the bottom of the page I posted some Elvis pics.

Yes, I'm very blessed to have such a beautiful wife and daughter. Thanks for saying so. That's why I enjoy posting more pictures of them than me.

ftwskies said...

Well HUH! You never invite US to go get SNOCONES with you, DO YOU? Guess we're just not GOOD ENOUGH, eh? Is THAT it? Not GOOD enough to be part of your snooty little CLUB!? Your little CLIQUE?!! What, don't want to hang with us WIERDO HOMESCHOOL types, huh? Well FINE then! We'll go get our OWN SNOCONES, thank you very MUCH! In fact, WE'LL do better than THAT! We'll teach our kid how to make HIS OWN snocones, and then we'll have our OWN SNOCONE party, together, as a FAMILY!! And YOU'RE NOT INVITED!!!

:D {LOL, totally j/k, of course}


Jennifer Meachem said...

cute pics!!! what about the one you took of yourself in front of the sno cone wagon? you are hysterical keith! i have enjoyed snoconing with ya'll! we'll be there friday, let us know of saturday as well. mckenna, too, has to get her one before camp!
camp, woooo hooooooooooo!!!!!!!