Saturday, July 09, 2005

Movie Weekend

Meredith went to Kid's Road Map this weekend which left Michele and I all alone. This allowed me to catch up on some of the summer movies that I had missed the last couple of weeks. First up was Bewitched on Friday night. OK. I know. It's got witchcraft in it, but it's based on the '70s sitcom. I'm a '70s/'80s guy. I had to see it. Michele and I both liked it. It was not laugh out loud funny very much, but it was good.

Saturday morning was Fantastic Four. Michele passed on that one, which was her loss as she missed an excellent movie. I liked the plot, the action scenes, and of course the special effects were great. A definite DVD purchase this holiday season.

As will be the last movie we saw, which was War of the Worlds on Sat afternoon. Michele said it was "very good" which for her is high praise for a summer blockbuster. And I thought it was awesome! You were pretty much on the edge of your seat from the get go. More great special effects and Cruise does a good job in the acting dept. I would even be up for seeing it again this summer. How 'bout it Jim? I'm free next Tue night . . .

When MearBear goes to camp next weekend I will be taking Michele to see Revenge of the Sith. I saw it on opening day and will be anxious to see what she thinks of it. I'll post her impressions afterwards.

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ftwskies said...

I've got an FWAS meeting on Tuesday. How's Thursday sound?