Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bledsoe throws away Cowboys season opener

But hopefully not the whole season. I know it's only 1 loss, but the Cowboys were probably 1 loss vs. 1 more win from making the playoffs last year. When you only play 16 games, every loss counts big time. Especially in the NFC East. Now the 'Boys are already 1 game behind the Eagles for the division title.

Bledsoe played poorly, so I'm sure there will be cries for Tony Romo. I must admit I was thinking it myself after that 2nd interception. But Bledsoe was not the only problem. The O-line was bad, too many penalties wiping out big gains and points, and the defense did not play well.

Now the good thing for me is that I had already penciled this game in as a loss. I knew that the Jaguars have a good defense and that Leftwich is a pretty good QB. And the game was in Jacksonville. So I'm not surprised that the Cowboys lost, just disappointed. Especially since they got up 10-0 and should have been up 17-0. They let a great opportunity to win slip away. I hope that the Cowboys can get better at putting teams away when they have the lead. That's one of the things I miss about Jimmy's Cowboys. When they got the lead then Jimmy would go for the kill shot.

It's still early and I still think this can be a playoff team but they need to bounce back and beat the Redskins. Don't think you want to go into the Bye week 0-2.

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