Saturday, May 27, 2006

Movie Review - X-Men III: The Last Stand

Last night I saw the second big blockbuster movie of the summer: X-Men III – The Last Stand. This was a great movie and certain to rake in a lot of money over the Memorial Day weekend. As I walked up to the theatre every conversation I heard had to do with those people going to see X-Men III.

X-Men III, of course, is the sequel to the immensely popular first two X-Men movies. All of the main characters are back as well as increased roles for other characters such as Colossus, Kitty Pride, Ice Man, and Pyro and new characters including Angel and Juggernaught. As a big surprise other characters have a much smaller role in the movie such as Mystique, Cyclops, and even Professor X. That’s actually one of the best things about this movie: the big surprises that happen to and with major characters.

The other best thing about this movie is the use of the mutant powers and the special effects that accompany them. Fans of this aspect of the X-Men movies will not be disappointed as the mutant powers and special effects are a major part of X-Men III. I thoroughly enjoyed the vast display of mutant powers and daresay that this movie had way more than the other two movies. I love visual effects in movies and I was treated to major amounts of eye-candy in X-Men III.

But what about the plot and story line, you say? Check and check! X-Men III has a great story that is engaging and thought provoking. I won’t reveal it here as I like to keep my reviews spoiler free but trust me that if you are an X-Men fan you will like the story that X-Men III offers.

So, what’s my rating? Well, to sum it up, with great characters, good story line, big surprises, intense action, and awesome special effects X-Men III – The Last Stand gets The Bicycle Rack’s highest rating of:


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