Friday, May 05, 2006

Movie Review - RV

If you have an RV, then this is a movie for you. In fact, if you've ever had one, thought about getting one, or have just seen one on the road, then RV is a movie for you. If you've ever been camping, then RV is a movie for you. Oh, let's face it, RV is a movie for everyone.

RV is a hilarious movie starring Robin Williams as Bob Munro, a father who decides to rent an RV and take his family on a cross-country trip to spend some quality time with his family as he feels himself drifting apart from his children. Many funny scenes revolve around Bob's inexperience with the various aspects of the RV such as driving it, hooking it up, dumping the sewage, etc. Other funny parts of the movie deal with Bob's relationships with his wife, son, and daughter who are very negative about the RV.

However, the show is stolen by the family that Bob and his family meet at their first stop in an RV park. The Gornicke family are full time RVers who travel the country in their converted bus. Once the Munro family meets the Gornicke family then they end up running into them throughout the rest of the movie-even when trying to avoid them on purpose. The quirky characters who make up the Gornicke family provide lots of laughs as well as the many situations where the Munro and Gornicke families interact.

Did I mention that this movie is funny? There are many, many laugh out loud moments and Robin Williams is at his comic best throughout the movie. Highlights include a rap scene in the forest, dinner with the Gornicke family, raccoon encounter, and diarrhea in the woods.

Go see RV soon and remember to stay through the end credits for a very funny musical number.

RV gets The Bicycle Rack's highest rating of:

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MushL said...

You know how hard I laughed. Funny,funny, funny. I felt sad for the dad in the beginning. Would it have been as funny if the family encourged him along the way? I think so. I know it's just a movie.I'm just saying. :-)