Friday, August 05, 2005

Elvis Update

It looks like I've got another fun Elvis gig lined up. In January '06 I will be doing Elvis with a live band for 500+ CPAs and lawyers.

So what do you think might be the best Elvis songs for this group of folks? Feel free to change up the lyrics to fit the audience.

For example, during "Hound Dog" instead of singing "You ain't nothing but a Hound Dog, crying all the time" I could sing a verse that says "You ain't nothing but a lawyer, objecting all the time".


ftwskies said...

to the tune of "love me tender":

Legal tender
It's so sweet
Never let it go
Calculations are complete
Taxes claimed your dough

Legal tender
I'm so blue
All my dreams are nil
For my clients, they all sued
Left me with the bill

(c)2005 Jim Theisen, All Rights Reserved.


Bar Bar A said...

You just have to do something with Suspicious Minds!!!

Keith Hollar said...

LOL! Those are both great. Any royalties received will be forwarded to the authors.

Jennifer Meachem said...

how about to the tune of "i'm all shook up" ...

"it all adds up"