Monday, May 28, 2007

Virtual Reality Memorial Day

As an attempt to focus some on the reason why we observe Memorial Day, I spent some time today with friends playing an XBox 360 game titled "Call of Duty 2". This video game is a first person shooter set during World War II. You play as a person who is a soldier involved in different combat missions that took place during the war.

As I played and watched others play the game I was struck by the atmosphere of the game. Bullets whizzing and flying through the air, grenades going off all around, members of your platoon getting hit and going down right next to you, etc. It seemed very noisy, very intense, very scary, and very realistic. I tried to envision what it would be like if this was for real.

I know it was only a game but I feel as if it gave me a little bit more of an appreciation for those who served in battle and paid for our freedom with their lives.


Anonymous said...

You were much more "Memorial" than I was. I played Wii's boxing with some friends.

Chef Preston said...

I wish I could get into video games. I have trouble with Pac Man, though I did master Frogger.

Chef P

Jennifer Meachem said...

keith, what do you do about mosquitos? i was a total buffet for mosquitos last night while riding for the first time in 20 years. thanks!