Saturday, April 08, 2006

Movie Review - Ice Age 2

Today the whole family went to see Ice Age 2. This was a great movie! As a sequel, I actually found it to be better than the first one in lots of ways. I liked the plot of the movie better than the orginal and the addition of some new characters was a nice touch as well. In fact, the possums stole the show! And you Scrat fans, don't worry. He's back as well and funnier than ever. One of the funniest scenes in the whole movie involves Scrat chasing after his nut over a thin patch of ice.

The story of Ice Age 2 revolves around the old gang from the first movie traveling cross country to avoid a melting glacier and the ensuing flood that will occur once the glacier melts. The "herd" is once again led by Manny, with Diego along for support, and Sid returning to provide the comic relief. Along the way the group meets up with two possums and a female mammoth who thinks she's really a possum. They all team up to travel together and lots of fun occurs along with some touching scenes between Manny and Ellie, the female mammoth. There are some guest star voices that will really surprise you and a hilarious musical production number by a group of vultures. That's right, I said vultures. You've got to see it to believe it.

This movie was well acted, well written, and a great time for the whole family. The characters are really well developed and there are also some side stories that add a lot to the movie such as an extension of the Sid/Diego relationship and Sid encountering a group of sloths with some hilarious results.

If you liked the first Ice Age, you'll love #2. If you loved the first one, then Ice Age 2 is a must see.

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Jennifer Meachem said...

is it queen latifah as the "girl" mammoth? heheheh. raymond and queen latifah, heheheheheh